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The Pearl of Africa as desciribed by Winston Churchil is Situated on the equator and offers breathtaking scenery. The National Parks are more remote and less crowded. African Home Adventure Safaris will organize for your Uganda Gorilla tracking to see this awe inspiring giants to remind us of our ancestry. In Uganda, the Bwindi impenetrable forest is the sanctuary for almost half the world's population of Mountain Gorilla's ( About 330 of 600 ), which is the rarest race of Mountain Gorillas. Established as a safe habitat for several families of mountain gorilla , it is now the location of an an important scientific conservation programme. Uganda Gorilla Tracking visits are limited to small groups of less than 15 people.



This is the home to nearly half of the only remaining Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, the world holding about 350 of these rare creatures.
Transfer to Kampala: This is by public bus and there are many companies in this service provision whether from Nairobi Kenya or from any town within Uganda.